K.O. v. Jett

Legal Aid contended the state, in violation of federal law, cut short the number of school days of special education students. The honorable Patrick J. Schiltz agreed.

Murphy et al. v. Harpstead

In this class action, residents with disabilities in group homes were affirmed in asserting their right to choose where they live; and Legal Aid was awarded the organization’s largest cash award in its history — $1.138M.

Segal v. Met Council d/b/a Metro Transit

Barry Segal filed 150 complaints with Metro Transit for failing to let him board the bus. Legal Aid’s Minnesota Disability Law Center contended Segal’s rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act had been violated. The Eighth Circuit agreed.

Brown, Lee, Young v. Reese Pfeiffer; United States v. Pfeiffer

Legal Aid and the U.S. Department of Justice partnered to represent 23 tenants alleging sexual harassment by their landlord. The landlord was ordered to pay $736,000 to the plaintiffs.

Brayton v. Pawlenty

The Minnesota Supreme Court supports Legal Aid’s challenge to the governor’s authority in his use of the unallotment statute to balance the budget.

Masterman v. Goodno

Legal Aid’s Minnesota Disability Law Center files Masterman v. Goodno, challenging the state’s plan for massive cuts to the Medicaid waiver program serving people with developmental disabilities.

Fogie v. Rent-A-Center

Working with private counsel, Legal Aid files a federal class action challenging defendant’s RTO sales. The federal court held the contracts usurious, ordering refund of all payments of principal, interest, and fees.

Hollman v. Cisneros

This federal class action, filed on behalf of a group of African American and Southeast Asian families, challenged historical patterns of race discrimination in the siting of public housing in Minneapolis.

Welsch v. Likins

This 1972 federal class action successfully challenged unacceptable living conditions and lack of treatment for people with intellectual disabilities in Minnesota state hospitals.

Carter v. Gallagher

This 1971 landmark case ordered the integration of the Minneapolis Fire Department. It had been nearly 30 years since a Black firefighter served the department.