Legal Aid consumer law attorneys keep clients’ money secure and safe from scams and abusive lending and sales practices.

We work to protect clients from:

  • Lawsuits
  • Garnishment of pay
  • Garnishment of bank accounts
  • Illegal credit reporting
  • Illegal debt collection practices

We also help low-income homeowners facing loss of their homes through:

  • Foreclosures by banks and homeowner associations
  • Reverse mortgages
  • Contract-for-deed cancellations
  • Foreclosure rescue scams
  • Property tax forfeitures
A pay garnishment against me started when I was going through a volatile divorce that involved financial abuse, domestic violence and threats. My ex-husband told the attorneys who did the garnishment where I was working. When I found out about the garnishment, I was already struggling to make ends meet for food, gas and electricity. MMLA Attorney Andrew Knox was able to stop the garnishment and get me back thousands of dollars that they took. I am forever grateful for his help! It’s been a huge help financially being that I am a single mother with 100% custody of two wonderful boys.
Former Legal Aid Client

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