Segal v. Met Council d/b/a Metro Transit

TV news set background screen displays words: Deaf. Blind. And Ignored. 5 investigates over image of Barry Segal waiting at bus stop.

Barry Segal, a client of Legal Aid’s Minnesota Disability Law Center, filed more than 150 complaints with Metro Transit over the course of three years. Metro Transit conceded these were violations preventing Segal, who identifies as Deafblind, from boarding their buses. Legal Aid’s Minnesota Disability Law Center went further, contending Segal’s rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act had been violated. The Eighth Circuit agreed. In June of 2023, Barry Segal and ThinkSelf, an advocacy organization supporting Minnesota Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing adults, hosted an information session. Guest speakers were Segal’s MDLC attorneys Rick Macpherson and Sonja Peterson.

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