Training & Outreach

The Minnesota Disability Law Center (MDLC) provides informational training and other learning opportunities for individuals with disabilities, family members, attorneys and others who support people in the disability community, with an emphasis on outreach to diverse communities. We offer effective strategies to strengthen individual advocacy skills, address systemic responses to people with disabilities, and broaden understanding of disability rights.


We provide trainings in many different areas. Please reach out to the MDLC at to request a training. Possible topics include:

  • Introduction to the Minnesota Disability Law Center
  • Access to voting
  • Reasonable accommodations/modifications in housing
  • Animals in housing
  • Rights of people with service animals
  • ADA Title II
  • ADA Title III
  • ADA and prisons
  • ADA and food allergies
  • Working with people with disabilities
  • PCA appeals
  • Special education advocacy for parents
  • Special education – ethical considerations in practice
  • Special education basics
  • Working with clients and parents in special education cases
  • Language and history matters: Special education from an anti-ableist lens
  • General disability laws and rights (English and Spanish)
  • Home- and community-based waivers basics
  • Know your rights for interactions with police

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