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Client loses out on graduation, but wins in Court of Appeals

The Minnesota Department of Education agreed, our client, a senior in high school, should not have been expelled. But when MDE ordered the school to reinstate him, they refused. Legal Aid then argued in front of the Court of Appeals that the school’s case should be dismissed. Ultimately, it was. By then, however, our client’s chance to graduate with his class had come and gone. Today, two grad seasons later, our client William and his family share how far he’s come.

Breaking the Ice: MMLA chief builds on tradition – MinnLawyer

Gain insights about Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid’s Executive Director in this “Breaking the Ice” interview with reporter Todd Nelson of Minnesota Lawyer.

YLP attorney finds his sanctuary

Centering our mental health is essential to overall well-being. You may know this, but it’s not always easy to take the time or find the time to do it? To inspire, we share the mindful practices of Legal Aid staff.

Tenant challenges landlord; wins $10K with help of Legal Aid

As Fair Housing Month comes to a close, we celebrate our client’s win in mediation after her landlord refused to renew her lease when her Emotional Support Animal entered the picture.

Leave your home to loved ones without a will

In this webinar, learn about the simpler, more affordable alternative to a will when it comes to planning for the future.

Legal Aid tax help now streaming on YouTube

Get tax-filing guidance from Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid’s Low Income Taxpayer Clinic.

Senate passes tenants’ rights legislation; GOP senator fixates on ‘squatters’ – MN Reformer

This session, Legal Aid’s Julia Zwak joined housing advocates, pushing to pass the “Tenants’ Rights Bill.” As that push proved successful in the senate, detractors made claims against the bill. And again, Zwak set the record straight. Read all about it in the Minnesota Reformer.

Disability Rights advocates rally for legislation at Minnesota Capitol – WCCO

In proud support of the disability community, MMLA’s Minnesota Disability Law Center joined voices calling to end the subminimum wage, improve teacher training and remove barriers to medical assistance. WCCO’s coverage included an interview with Legal Aid’s Ryan Haenze.

Tax law not taxing for LITC fellow

Tax Attorney Hannah Stephan says her work is not tedious, dry or boring. Rather, she sees tax issues as “puzzles to be solved and so very interesting!”

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