Immigration law attorneys staff Legal Aid’s Immigration Law Project and:

  • Provide full representation for permanent residents applying for citizenship.
  • Help people apply for certain types of permanent residency.
  • Represent immigrant youth and seniors in a wide array of application types.
  • Assist victims of crime, domestic violence and human trafficking in their applications for immigration status.
  • Help medically vulnerable people obtain or improve their status so that they can better access medical insurance.
  • Defend detained immigrants in deportation proceedings.
  • Offer brief advice and limited representation at Legal Aid’s Brian Coyle Center and Waite House community clinics.

We are not a government agency. Our services are completely confidential. We do not report the immigration status of people who contact us for advice or services.

My attorney was so wonderful to me. She was extremely professional but also very compassionate toward my situation. She went above and beyond to help me access programs and resources I needed, even if they weren’t directly related to my legal case. It was fantastic how she connected with me as a human being, a person, a woman and helped me resolve many problems in my life. I’m convinced Legal Aid attorneys work from their hearts.
Former Legal Aid Client

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