When you volunteer, everyone wins

Volunteers make it possible for us to effectively provide high-quality legal help in the face of heightened demand. Sadly, recent cuts to operating budgets have caused us to turn away two of every three people who call for help. When you share your skills and talents as a pro bono volunteer at Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid, you help clients who cannot afford an attorney, or who lack access to the justice system, find the safety and security they desperately need. Just a few hours of your time can make a lasting impact on Minnesota’s most vulnerable citizens.

Volunteers perform various duties to provide legal services to low-income Minnesotans.

As a volunteer with Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid, you can: represent clients in hearings, provide direct legal services, develop legal fact sheets, interpret for clients, or present information at community events. Whatever your skill set, there is a volunteer job for you. Legal Aid provides training, administrative support, and space to complete your volunteer work.

Immigration Law

Assist low-income clients with affirmative applications to the immigration service and administrative or in-court representation, including citizenship, U Visas, and Deferred
Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Housing Law

Help low-income clients maintain housing. You will spot issues, determine eviction defenses, and draft and file expungement motions or negotiate with landlords. There are opportunities to directly represent clients or to provide behind the scene assistance to housing attorneys who will be handling large numbers of evictions after the pandemic related eviction moratorium is lifted.

Tax Law

Counsel low-income taxpayers involved in disputes with the IRS and the Minnesota Department of Revenue. Assist clients in applying for the government stimulus payments. Knowledge of tax law is not required.

Wills for Seniors

Draft wills, power of attorney forms, health care directives and transfer on death deeds for low income seniors.

Real Estate Law

Provide advice and representation to low income senior homeowners facing threats to their homes such as tax forfeiture, mortgage and HOA foreclosure, construction issues and other real estate related issues.

Other Areas of Need

We often have a need in the areas of family law, employment law, disability law, probate and guardianship law, and others. If you are willing to take a case for full representation or advice in your own practice area, without the need for training and support from us, please let us know.

Make a difference every day

Each year, Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid works with private law firms to develop partnerships that allow private firms to share their expertise with their local communities. Consider putting your pro bono services to work for Legal Aid. We will work with you to develop a partnership that meets your needs and works within the resources and expertise you have available.

Partner with Legal Aid

Together, we can serve more people and generate positive outcomes that otherwise wouldn’t exist. To learn more, contact Danielle Hendrickson.