Program ensures disability benefits are properly administered

If the Social Security Administration (SSA) decides that a person with disabilities who gets SSI or SSDI benefits (the Beneficiary) cannot manage their benefits on their own, then SSA assigns someone to help manage their money. This person is known as a Representative Payee.

MDLC works with SSA to make sure that Representative Payees in Minnesota are doing their jobs correctly. We interview Representative Payees and look at financial records to ensure the Representative Payees are following best practices for their Beneficiaries. We also meet with Beneficiaries to be sure they are getting their needs met by their Payees, and provide referrals for community services that may be needed to assist in daily living.

MDLC provides educational information to Representative Payees and Beneficiaries about their roles and responsibilities. We also offer outreach educational visits or presentations on the Representative Payee Program to interested programs, service providers, or case managers.

Beneficiaries may contact MDLC if they have any questions or concerns about their Representative Payees. If a problem is identified, we may recommend an action plan to fix it or refer the issue to SSA to further investigate.

Under a grant as part of the Federal Strengthening Protections for Social Security Beneficiaries Act of 2018, MLDC completes onsite reviews of Representative Payees and Beneficiaries throughout Minnesota, working under the guidance of the Social Security Administration.

Law protects those who rely on Representative Payees

As of 2018, nationally there were*:

  • 8.3 million SSDI/SSIBeneficiaries
  • 6 millionRepresentative Payees
  • $70 billion in SSA benefits handled by Representative Payees

MDLC, serving as the SSA’s Protection and Advocacy agency inMinnesota, has:

  • handled more than 100 reviews of Representative Payees
  • examined accounting procedures and payments related to the needs of Beneficiaries
  • educated Representative Payees on their role and responsibilities
  • empowered Beneficiaries to report potential misuse or neglect

*Social Security Administration (Feb 15 2019). “Annual Report on the Results of Periodic Representative Payee Site Reviews and Other Reviews-Fiscal Year 2018.” – Link


Representative Payee Grant Program and You