“Food is Medicine bill” backed by Legal Aid

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (Minneapolis, Minn.) — To ensure Minnesotans living on the margins stay healthy and that our economy remains viable, Legal Aid is advocating for passage of the “Food is Medicine” bill. This legislation, set to be introduced Tuesday, Feb. 20, is aimed at restoring SNAP benefits (formerly known as “food stamps”) for 6,000 adult Minnesotans without children, who lost them, Jan 1.

Currently, Legal Aid is able to help some who recently lost benefits by helping them obtain a waiver if they have a disability, are ill or are unhoused. But this temporary fix is for some, not all.

“Without investments in the well-being of income-strapped Minnesotans, we will pay far more for the consequences of not providing basic nutrition to those who need it most,” according to Attorney Jessica Webster of Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid.

“This is why we are working with bill sponsors Rep. Heather Keeler and Sen. Alice Mann, to further legislation that makes sound economic and fiscal sense. Extending this benefit for at least the next two years means a far better future for all Minnesotans who rely on our healthy, adult neighbors, who are also lowest-paid in the workforce. We’re talking about our school bus drivers, teaching assistants, the rideshare drivers who get you to and from the places you need to go. Eking out a living has greater promise when people are healthy. To be healthy, food is essential.”

Former SNAP recipients who lost the benefit in 2024 and who have a disability, are ill or are unhoused may be eligible for a waiver to continue the benefit, retroactively. For Legal Aid assistance, please call 1-800-292-4150.


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Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid

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