Ban on “prone” protects Minnesota’s schoolchildren – KARE 11

Illustration of two individuals kneeling, one holding down feet and the other holding down upper body of a third person on the ground.

Statement on the SRO bill (HF 3489):

Legal Aid and the Minnesota Disability Law Center respectfully request that the Legislature retain the ban on face-down, breath-impacting holds on children in Minnesota schools.

We are in talks, in hearings and have had meaningful discussion with the superintendent of the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA). We have a thorough understanding of how these statutes work.

We have represented children who have been hurt in holds.

Our position is that face-down, breath-impacting holds on children are dangerous.

These holds are high-risk, even for the most experienced and most highly trained law enforcement officers.

The risks of injury and fatality are too great to ignore.

Legal Aid supports the Legislature’s intent to clarify that Minn. Stat. § 609.06 governs the duties and responsibilities of law enforcement.

Legal Aid welcomes the addition of a model policy, mandatory training and POST Board oversight and enforcement for SROs.


Media contact:
Lisa Ramirez 
Communications Manager
Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid
MN Disability Law Center