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Tax law not taxing for LITC fellow

Tax Attorney Hannah Stephan says her work is not tedious, dry or boring. Rather, she sees tax issues as “puzzles to be solved and so very interesting!”

Child tax credit would include 18-year-olds under proposed bill – Session Daily

Legal Aid Attorney Jessica Webster describes the 2023 child tax credit as a “powerful anti-poverty tool” and calls the 2024 proposal, “smart and equitable tax policy.”

Project Care leaps into action to secure health care

In a Leap Day race to beat the clock, Legal Aid’s Project Care navigators tackled the cases of clients whose pending coverage was due to expire at midnight, March 1. Thanks to their tenacity, by the day’s end, eight households (24 people, including 10 children) had secured health coverage for the next 12 months.

20 years-old and sued for $40K

When Asha* came to us for help, she was being sued for $40,000. Attorney Beth Goodell, who leads Legal Aid’s consumer unit, describes how her young client was suddenly saddled with enormous debt because of an abusive ex-boyfriend.

Youth Law Project helps student escape pain

Pheng Thao’s client, a high schooler without parents, had a health crisis that required a legal solution.

Client’s rent skyrockets from $75 a month to $22,000

It was clear the Housing Authority had miscalculated our client’s benefits. But, Housing Attorney Courtney Arthur found that proving it wasn’t going to be a quick fix.

Grandparents find Legal Aid in the community

What Sean and Nina needed was permanent custody but navigating the process wasn’t easy. Then they found Legal Aid. “Joe rolled up his sleeves and did the paperwork for us,” Sean recalled. “It was very easy. We’d meet with him to give him information, he’d let us know what we needed to do and we’d go do it.”

Wills clinic brings peace of mind

“I’ve known attorneys to be blunt. They want to get things done quickly because their time is so valuable. But the attorneys with Legal Aid were not like that. When I arrived, they started light. They made jokes and they were so positive.”

Immigrant mom gains stability, newfound independence

Due to complexities, Gloria’s case engaged four Legal Aid attorneys from multiple areas of practice and took more than eight years to resolve. For all involved, it was a rewarding exercise in perseverance. “I’m convinced Legal Aid attorneys work from their hearts.”

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