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Every morning, real people wake up to obstacles that keep them from getting the basic help they need. Whether it’s an issue of safety, shelter, income, or health, we’re here to help. Our lawyers come from different backgrounds, but are all focused on one goal — making sure all Minnesotans have equal access to the basic rights they deserve. At our core, we’re about bringing real justice to real people.

Where We Serve

• 20 central Minnesota counties
for low-income individuals
• 26 Minnesota counties
— for seniors 60+
• Statewide
— for disability- and tax-related cases

Who We Serve

Anyone living in our service area who:
• has a low income,
• is at least 60 years of age,
• has a disability.

What We Handle

Free civil legal aid for:
• Debt collection and unfair loans
• Disability-related cases
• Divorce and child custody
• Domestic violence
• Elder abuse
• Housing discrimination and evictions
• Immigration and citizenship
• IRS tax issues
And more…

Exception: We do not offer legal help for criminal cases. If you are charged with a crime, you should ask for a public defender.

Need legal help?

Find out if you qualify for free legal aid.

Or call our intake line at 612-334-5970
or 1-800-292-4150.

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Or call our intake line at 612-334-5970
or 1-800-292-4150.

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