“We are lucky to have Legal Aid
on site, it makes all the difference
in the world.”

Shawn McKinney, Community Health Worker

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Cathy Haukedahl

Cathy Haukedahl

Executive Director,
Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid

Who We Serve

Legal Aid makes a difference in the community because we change lives — helping people find their path out of poverty, helping people get the access to justice that we all want, and ensuring people have an opportunity to live independently and have an opportunity to contribute to making our society of better place to live.

At Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid, we specialize in providing professional legal help to Minnesotans who traditionally lack access to the American justice system and cannot afford the services of a private attorney.

These groups generally include: people with low incomes, seniors and people with disabilities. We also provide access to self-help resources through LawHelpMN.org.

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