Legal Aid’s St. Cloud office provided comprehensive legal services to a group of immigrants from the Dominican Republic who were victims of a human trafficking case in Foley, MN. Immigration fraud case leads to small farm in Foley, Minn. -

Legal Aid collaborated with Lutheran Social Services to provide full legal and social services. Some of the workers needed help with the T-Visa process, which includes bringing family members to join them in their new home. Immigration attorneys guided the families through the legal permanent residency process. The conditions at the farm were terrible, and some workers had serious medical needs. Legal Aid’s ProjectCare unit helped them with healthcare coverage. Over half of the St. Cloud office staff worked with the group in one way or another.

“My family and I were seeking permanent residence,” writes one of the clients. “Thanks to Legal Aid, we received these important documents. The explanations were excellent, and we’re very happy with the process.”

As the families acquired work permits and employment, their situations stabilized. Most made significant donations to Legal Aid. Services are free with no donation asks, but the group has given well over $4,000 to support Legal Aid’s work.

One client dropped off his donation and asked about how to give to other non-profits in the area. Now that his own situation has improved, he wants to do all he can to contribute to his new home.

“We’ve been lucky to work with these folks over the past several years,” says Assistant Supervising Attorney Tracy Roy. “It’s been good to see them find steady employment, move from apartments to houses, and now make donations to help others in the community.”

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