Empowering Woman Through The Law

2018 was quite a year for women in the United States. A record 257 women won major party nominations for the 116th United States Congress, and a record 120+ women took their seats in January. The 91st Minnesota Legislature includes 64 women, many elected for the first time in 2018. At the same time, stark economic realities persist for many women. Sixty-four percent of Legal Aid’s clients are women or female-headed households. This has been the case for years on end, as broken systems disproportionately affect women’s access to basic safety, health care, financial security, and stable housing. In these pages, you will learn how Legal Aid plays a role in empowering women to advance toward their personal and professional goals. You’ll read about how women, both elders and youngsters, are following a path to stand up for their rights, while trusting in their own experience and voices.

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