Minnesota Justice Foundation to honor MMLA attorney BJ Kuhn

| Posted on November 10, 2015

This Wednesday, November 11, the Minnesota Justice Foundation will honor BJ Kuhn with its 2015 Outstanding Service Award for an attorney engaged in Direct Legal Service. MJF will present the award to BJ at its 33rd Anniversary Awards Celebration. 

For over thirty-five years BJ has been working her creative, compassionate magic for our clients. It is stunning to think of all the families and individuals whose lives have been stabilized or transformed because BJ drilled down into the intricacies of public benefits law and figured out a way to help. She gets them back on MFIP, keeps them on SSI, maintains their access to health care, increases their food support, keeps them safe. BJ has mentored and modeled for so many of us what it means to be a consummate legal services attorney. Click here for event information 

Congratulations, BJ!