Protecting the rights of those who need it most

Through fundraising initiatives such as the Law Day Dinner and One Hour of Sharing, The Fund’s work dramatically improves lives and makes our community stronger. When you contribute your resources to The Fund, you contribute to protecting the rights of those who need it most.

Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid faces an unprecedented demand for services — and unprecedented need for support. More than 85% of the support we receive goes directly to serve our clients. Unfortunately, even with extremely careful stewardship, Legal Aid has to turn away two of every three people seeking services due to diminished resources and increased demand. This reality harms individuals and families, diminishes our judicial system and flies in the face of our country’s aspiration to ensure “justice for all.”

Join The Fund in making a difference.

Law Day Dinner

Sponsored by The Fund, the Law Day Dinner is a 30-plus year old tradition that aims to raise funds and recognize the invaluable contributions of the lawyers and donors who make Legal Aid possible.

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One Hour of Sharing Campaign

Donate an amount equal to one or more billable hours (or the equivalent of an hour of your salary). Participate as an associate, individual attorney, or as a law firm.

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More Ways to Give

Legal Aid couldn’t exist without the generous support of volunteers, partners and financial donors. When you support Legal Aid, you change the lives of your fellow Minnesotans.

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Board Officers

  • Rachel Zimmerman Scobie Chair
  • Peter H. Walsh Treasurer
  • Alexandra J. Olson Associates' Lead Co-Chair
  • Courtney A. Lawrence Associates' Lead Co-Chair
  • Keith S. Moheban Vice Chair and Leaders in Giving Chair
  • Andrea J. Kaufman Fund Director and Secretary

Board of Directors

  • Joseph W. Anthony
  • Cooper S. Ashley
  • Jeffrey Bouslog
  • Daniel F. Caffrey
  • James L. Chosy
  • Jeff H. Eckland
  • Douglas L. Elsass
  • Stephen G. Froehle
  • Cathy E. Gorlin
  • Michael J. Grimes
  • Daniel E. Gustafson
  • Richard M Hagstrom
  • Drew Schaffer
  • June Hoidal
  • Larry Jensen
  • Timothy M. Kelley
  • Mary L. Knoblauch
  • Anne M. Lockner
  • Samuel T. Lockner
  • Timothy C. Matson
  • Sara McGrane
  • Robert A. McLeod
  • Christine L. Meuers
  • Thomas C. Mielenhausen
  • Cynthia A. Moyer
  • David R. Mylrea
  • Kathleen M. Newman
  • John B. Orenstein
  • Thomas R. Pfeifer
  • Michael A. Ponto
  • Patrick J. Rooney
  • Eric J. Rucker
  • Steven A. Schumeister
  • Matthew Shors
  • Thomas J. Shroyer
  • Michael P. Sullivan, Jr.
  • Mavis J. Van Sambeek
  • Steven J. Wells
  • Robin Ann Williams
  • Warren Woessner
  • Julian C. Zebot

Emeritus Board

  • Laura J. Cooper
  • John B. Gordon
  • James T. Hale
  • Robert J. Hennessey
  • Richard G. Lareau
  • Dale I. Larson
  • Nancy G. Malmon
  • Seymour Mansfield
  • Richard G. Mark
  • William E. Mullin
  • Jerry F. Rotman
  • Allen I. Saeks
  • Jerry W. Snider
  • Warren R. Spannaus
  • Roger V. Stageberg
  • Thomas W. Tinkham